Riggi Diego

I don’t like to talk about myself, so I leave the task to a friend:

Born in Piacenza, in ’77, Diego approached fly fishing about fifteen years ago, it has become a way of life. Probably the youngest flyer invited  at the “Alto Reno Fly Fishing Classic”.

Initially he affirmed with conviction that he would never ever build a fly, then he timidly decided to try, and after some initial hesitation, he no longer stopped. Today he spend entire days and sometimes even whole nights at the vise. And let me say that fly tying has become an essential element for him to keep his good mood.

Combining the passions of bloggers, photographer and videomaker, he decided to share his dressing and his experiences through a blog, with the main intent to help those who approach the world of artificial flies. This blog, started as a play, led him to change his life in a short time. He suddenly left his construction job to a full-time professional  flytying. The new profession has also led him to move to the Alps,  on the bank   of a beautiful river in the Trentino, the Sarca. His simple but irrefutable motivation: “He had to try the flies but not?”

From 2018 He collaborates with the friends of the Sarca FlyFishing Experience as a guide on the river Sarca and also has opened a small B & B for fishermen only.

He speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Italian